Maîtriser les effets cutanés de son traitement anti-EGFR

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Pages: 40
ISBN : 978-2-7420-0720-2
Printed in: French
Publication date: 17/11/2008

The objective of this work is to inform you of the side effects of certain new anti-cancer treatments, which are called anti-EGFR treatments.
The most commonly observed adverse effects with anti-EGFR treatments involve the skin, nails and follicular system.
It is impossible to predict the severity of skin impact that could occur, but it is indispensable for you to be well prepared, before starting EGFR, so that you can avoid any surprise contact by making adverse reactions disappear.
The author of this book is a dermatologist: The objective of this skin specialist is to help you better understand and monitor the side effects of your treatment by giving you simple, practical information.
This guide will also be a valuable tool for the doctor in daily practice and the need to respond with more frankness, simplicity and expertise to questions asked by patients about their anti-EGFR treatment.