How to buy a chapter

Buying and reading a chapter

Our chapters are available in a protected pdf format, it is not a traditional pdf, downloadable as is. It is necessary to use a reader such as Thorium Reader, LIS-A or Aldiko to read them.

When you validate your purchase, this file is made available in your "My account" > "My ebooks and chapters" space.

Before downloading, we advise you to download a reading application such as Thorium Reader, LIS-A (on appstore or playstore) or Aldiko (on appstore or playstore).

When downloading your ebook, you will be requested to enter a "passphrase": you just have to enter your login (common on the website and on

You can find your login at any time in the "My account" > "My personal information" section.

Protection of our chapters

Our chapters are protected by a Readium LCP DRM.

Digital Rights Management, commonly known as "DRM" is based on a digital locking device. The digital lock manages access to an ebook by encrypting it and controlling its use.

The Readium LCP solution is maintained and certified by EDRLab. It allows the resource to be encrypted using a private/public key system.

Unlike Adobe DRM, it is not necessary to have a user licence or identification from a third party (Adobe) to open and read a resource.