About us

librairieJLE.com, a medical, scientific and technical bookshop, is the window on our publishing house and the quality and diversity of its publications. 

For over 40 years, JLE has been publishing books and journals that contribute, in their own way, to advances in research and to the initial and continuing training of professionals.

Today, the JLE catalog is structured around three main areas: medicine, science and technical disciplines. Publications are mainly in French, but we also publish books in English, for example in the field of epilepsy.

Our books are published under the John Libbey Eurotext, Arnette, Doin and Pradel brands, and since 2024, with the takeover of Lavoisier's publishing business, the Tec & Doc, Hermès and Médecine Sciences brands have joined this large family.

We invite you to browse our website www.librairieJLE.com to discover the great diversity of our editorial collection, which today includes over 2,300 books.

For each book, we work with our authors, eminent figures in the field, to bring you the best of their knowledge through their works.

The collections, for their part, are managed by nationally and internationally renowned personalities, who guarantee their quality and scientific integrity, whatever the discipline.

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