Want to publish?

Submitting your proposal

Please fill in our project submission form.

You should include the following elements:

  1. a table of contents (in the case of a multiple authored book, indicate who will write which chapter)
  2. a list of all co-authors, if applicable and indicate the main author who will coordinate the book
  3. a brief synopsis of what will be covered in the book
  4. specify any competition to your book and indicate the advantages of your book
  5. indicate the target audience
  6. indicate the planned length of the book
  7. indicate if your book will contain illustrations (line art, halftones and colour photographs) and how many of each
  8. indicate when you will submit your manuscript
  9. indicate if you have any special ties with the pharmaceutical industry.

Acceptation of your book proposal & Manuscript Preparation

On acceptation of your project you will be sent a contract to sign and be assigned a member of our professional in house editorial team to discuss the preparation of your manuscript for submission. You will be supplied with a set of Author Guidelines according to the series your project will be published (see General Author Guidelines).

It is important that you check your final manuscript carefully before submission especially in the case of a multi-authored work (see Manuscript Submission Checklist). Changes made to page proofs should be limited to correcting errors, misspellings, or updating dosages, if applicable. Rewriting content completely at this stage is not possible.

Following submission of your manuscript, the editor will monitor the book production schedule, copy edit your manuscript and send you a set of page proofs for approval and/or your comments by the deadline given, and coordinate external vendors. Revised proofs will then be forwarded to you for final approval before printing.

Should we have a pharmaceutical client interested in purchasing copies of your book, we will also show them the page proofs during the editorial process. Again, any suggestions will be forwarded for your consideration, but your decision as the author is final.

Copyrights and permissions

If your project contains illustrations from a third party source, then it is your responsibility to obtain written consent from the copyright holder (usually the publisher). Please note that in some cases there might be permission fees applicable for this permission and which remains the sole responsibility of the author. JLE is not responsible for paying any permission fees that are due. You can download the attached Permission’s Request form and adapt to your needs. A copy of the granted permission should be sent to your Editor at JLE when you submit your manuscript.

However, if your manuscript is complete and you are just waiting for two or three permission authorisations to be approved, please indicate accordingly to your Editor and submit your manuscript.