URG’ Assistant de Régulation Médicale (2e édition)


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2nd edition, expanded and updated, of the first ever guide for medical control assistants

Collection: Collection URG’
Publisher: ARNETTE
Pages: 336
Format: 13 x 18 cm
ISBN : 978-2-7184-1679-3
ISBN élec : 978-2-7184-1734-9
Printed in: French
Publication date: 10/11/2022

The medical control assistants represent, within each emergency medical service (SAMU), a crucial link in the listening of extra-hospital emergencies. These first interlocutors during a phone call to the "center 15", who until recently had neither diploma nor medical training, were on the front line during the recent Covid-19 crisis. But a brand new diploma training is now mandatory to practice this profession.

This practical book, whose 1st edition was the first publication for medical control assistants, addresses the need for training materials for this profession that plays a key role in the emergency room. Its dictionary format, richly illustrated and didactic, makes for easy reading and quick and easy access to the fundamentals of the job. Medical control assistants work in an environment where the language is "coded", the vocabulary is specific and the acronyms are numerous... Beyond the lexicon and the explanation of medical knowledge, the dictionary also integrates administrative information and the organizational aspects of the call center.

This new edition has been supplemented with 41 new entries including numerous technical terms and explanations of key communication concepts.

> Professor Frédéric Lapostolle presents the 2nd edition of URG'ARM in this video:

Professeur Frédéric Lapostolle

SAMU 93 - CESU 93 - UF Recherche-Enseignement-Qualité, Université Paris 13, Sorbonne Paris Cité, Inserm U942, Hôpital Avicenne, Bobigny