Neuropsychology in the care of people with epilepsy

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Publication date: 02/09/2011

Having appeared in the 1930s in Montreal, standardised neuropsychological evaluation has become an essential tool in the clinical diagnosis and evaluation of surgical epileptic patients.
Nevertheless, despite great progress over the last 20 to 30 years in the diagnosis and medical treatment of epilepsy, clinical neuropsychology still remains largely associated with surgical epilepsy, particularly surgery of the temporal lobe.
Clinical neurology has still not managed to clear a way in the daily practice with patients with all types of epilepsy despite significant advances in cognitive neuroscience and a large number of clinical studies on epilepsy and cognition.
How is it that there are only rarely major advances in the field of clinical neuropsychology?
It has long been time for this question to be asked, and for an attempt to be made to bring about changes. This was the aim of the Toronto workshop and the result of this book.
Every approach was debated, providing important elements to reflect on and allowing a great forum for exchanges.
This book includes the communications from the main participants and comments from some others on specific subjects.

Section I
Neuropsychological assessment: state of the field at present
Section II
Use of neuropsychology to understand the impact of epilepsy and seizures on cognition and the natural history of neurobehavioral problems
Section III
Use of neuropsychology to understand pharmacological treatments
Section IV
Use of neuropsychology to understand surgical treatments
Section V
Mood and cognitive impairment in epilepsy
Section VI
Assessing cognition in epilepsy via electrophysiological and functional imaging techniques