The suicide crisis

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Pages: 448
ISBN : 2-7420-0411-4
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How can we recognise a suicide crisis, whether it appears in a child, adult or elderly person, and in different circumstances? - What are the first steps we should take, whether we are members of the family or working in the social and professional sphere? - How should we become involved, during and after the crisis? - How can we defuse it before it reaches an acute stage or before the person actually tries to commit suicide?
This book is a report of the proceedings of the consensus conference organised by all the French psychiatric organisations. It is not restricted to the suicide crisis itself, but examines each stage in the psychological process both beforehand and afterwards.
It will be of interest to everyone involved with the treatment and follow-up of patients. Psychiatrists and general practitioners will find information about warning signs, and families will learn about what attitude to adopt in order to prevent a suicide attempt.