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The complete blood count (CBC) is the most widely prescribed laboratory test. It plays a key role in diagnosing and monitoring haematological disorders,
but also serves as a guide in numerous other medical and surgical situations.

To assist healthcare professionals in their investigations, this three-part compendium offers a concise description of the different stages in haematological diagnosis, from investigating for a CBC abnormality to reaching a final diagnosis.

1 Diagnostic approach: prompt guidance when faced with an abnormal CBC result, using clear, detailed decision-making charts later in the chapter. Prescribing procedures, interpretation of the main additional tests and patient management are described for each abnormal result.

2 Main blood disorders: essential information on the most common blood disorders to reach the correct diagnosis and/or guide additional investigations.

3 Quick-reference lists: an index of the most common cell abnormalities, allowing swift interpretation of the results.


Joffrey Feriel is a clinical pathologist and haematology specialist. Former assistant professor at Paris University Hospitals (AP-HP), he is currently Scientific Manager for Haematology at the Stago Group.


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