About us

John Libbey, Arnette, Doin et Pradel

For more than 30 years, John Libbey has been a leading medical and scientific publisher, producing well-renowned books.

Covering all the disciplines, the catalogue offers the most varied works and focuses on certain specialties that have shaped the image of the Publisher, such as oncology, hematology or neuro-pediatrics.

In December 2013, Editions Arnette, and Doin Pradel joined us and helped us to enlarge our catalogue with new disciplines such as anesthesia and intensive care and emergencies and to strengthen our production in the most diverse areas such as pediatrics, psychiatry or dermatology.

Our collections are led by prominent figures, recognized nationally and internationally, who ensure quality and scientific integrity.

They form the basis of an editorial production that brings together:

  1. A varied readership: from the student to the most demanding specialist
  2. Renowned authors, mostly from university hospitals
  3. All representatives of health researchers, clinicians, societies, institutions, etc.
  4. The general public and caregivers

They trust us:

  1. The French Cancer Society collection "Therapeutic innovation in oncology"
  2. The French Society of Hematology: collection "FMC Hematology"
  3. The French Association of Surgery (AFC) annual series
  4. The MAPAR: diffusion of their "Protocols"

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